December 31, 2007
New blog: Opus (click)

September 25, 2005
New wallpaper under MISC --> WALLPAPERS. I won't be updating much now that I'm back in school. My blog probably won't be up until Thanksgiving Break. That's all for now.

August 16, 2005
I added two new images under GALLERY-->COLOR. I also added one more image under GALLERY-->REALISM.

August 14, 2005
Hey everyone. It has almost been a year since the last time I made a layout for K-ichigo.Com. To make up for the lack of updates, I made this a multi-part layout. I drew a different picture for each section so please check them all out. I also have new sections up under INFO and GALLERY and I added a ton of LINKS.

Spambots took over my guestbook, so I deleted it. They also took over my email account so I deleted that too. Dirty little buggers. My guestbook will stay permanently deleted, however if you have questions or comments, feel free to email me at ck.ichigo[at]

My blog is currently on a short hiatus. I intend to have it back up with a new layout before school starts, so watch for that. :) For now I hope you enjoy the new layout + content.