Welcome to the 15th Edition of Monica's Art Site, featuring my original artwork in Photoshop and openCanvas! With this design, I wanted to capture the fantastic and impossible, absurd and incredible places and people I see in my dreams.

Each of the three focal images is an eclectic pool of inspiration. The intro piece of flooded ruins was largely inspired by the interior of Paris' Museum of Orsay, the ancient ruins of Ankor Wat, and the pixelated forest scenes in the Gameboy games of my younger days.

The gallery scene of waterfall temples was influenced by my recent trip to Japan, Kyoto's Ginkakuji Temple, a paper bell lantern I purchased in Tokyo, and J.R.R. Tolkien's Rivendell. Lastly, I tried to create a beautiful, ethereal, young Gothic Lolita girl for my final piece.

Stylistically, I brought my oil painting techniques into my digital art to cast a more realistic air into this design. The frame and navigation I wanted to be elegant and modest with a flare of my usual frivolity, seen in the free and floating fireflies outside of the glass bottle.

As a closing note, I sometimes like to document the progress of my work, so, to give an impression of how this design was made, here's a strip of the start to finish stages of my waterfall temples piece: (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)