I began my first art site in the summer of 2001 at Tripod.Com. On October 9, 2004, I purchased my first domain, K-ichigo.Com, which lasted me four years, but on August 17, 2008, I decided to start over with a more personalized domain, and so here we have Seafirefly.Com.

I wish there were a grand story behind this name. I've always loved fireflies, loved how they look in bottles, how they sparkle when they all surge out at once, how they swarm into the night sky, how they flicker in tune to some erratic heartbeat, and how I lose them when they dissipate into the stars. There will always be something magical to me about fireflies, and I hope my artwork and web designs can hold the same allure and electric mystery to my viewers as these lightening bugs do for me.

As for the sea, I realized my art often includes water - people sinking in it, castles by it, ruins flooded by it. It has become an inseparable element of my style.

I hope this name will stay with me indefinitely.

Seafirefly is hosted at Hostgator.Com.